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Dippity Do Dog Product Selection

Listed are some of the high quality pet products we feature at our store.  So stop in and stock up for your fido!
Tropiclean Products
Tropiclean and Spa Lavish pet products are formulated with therapeutic, organic extracts. A gentle bath in Tropiclean promotes a naturally shiny, healthy coat. The only 100% biodegradable container available. The bottle and sleeve completely biodegrade within 180 days in a commercial compost landfill.

Pearls Au Lait Milk Bath
Nourishing Skin Care! Nothing else nourishes your pet's skin and coat quite like Pearls Au Lait Milk Bath. Coat-enhancing natural milk protein and moisture-rich conditioners are slowly released throughout your pet's coat leaving it thoroughly clean shiny and softer than you ever thought possible!

JW Brushes
JW Pet Company Brushes are sturdy brushes and helps untangle mats, snarls and removes dead, shedding hair. Great for daily brushing of your cat or dog. The finger-fitting contours of the handle increase your comfort and control. The soft rubber-sheathed handle gives you non-slip, comfortable grip.

Millers Forge Universal Pet Slicker Brush
The Universal Slicker Brush, imported from Germany, is one of the most popular grooming brushes in the world.  It is made of solid, anti-rust, hygienic plastic. Brush is used to remove dust, scales, burrs, dirt and mats from long haired dogs and cats.   Ideal for brush-outs and other tough tasks.

Petrodex products
Dental care is just as important for your dog as it is for you. Dry food and chew toys help clean some of your pet's teeth, but they don't replace brushing at the gum line where most dental problems begin. Try Petrodex Dental Care Kit for your pet for overall dental care, to help control plaque, and to fight bad breath.

And, Fashion Collars, leashes, doggie bag dispensers, Fun and huggable dog toys, Bakery gourmet treats and more....




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